Bay Area, California | Data Science | Full-time


ShareChat ( is India’s leading social media platform that operates exclusively in Indic languages. We empower our 160 million strong monthly active user
community to share their opinions, record their lives and make new friends - all within the comfort of their language of choice. Our short video platform Moj, is today India;s preferred short video destination with tens of millions of users from across the world. The platform has been designed for artists and creators to create innovative short video content and display
their creativity to millions, globally. At ShareChat we are spearheading India's internet revolution.
By providing a meaningful social experience, we are determining how the next billion users will interact on the internet.

AI @ ShareChat
If you look closely at the first 100 million Internet users and the rest of the users who came online in the last few years, you will notice stark differences in their needs and wants from
the Internet. While the first generation Internet users in India weren’t too different from Internet users in the rest of the world, the next wave of users are truly unique in a number of
ways. A huge chunk of audience is regional language first audience and therefore wants to consume content and services in their native language. Their taste in content also happens
to be vastly different – we observe a long tail of content genres emerging that didn’t exist previously. Despite the internet growing so swiftly, many Indian Internet users are not
comfortable with searching on the internet or finding whom to follow in order to satisfy their information needs. A radically simplified paradigm for content delivery is needed for this
audience – one that automatically learns the user’s taste and pushes the right content at the right time to them based on their interest. ShareChat harnesses AI in its quest towards this
mission possible.
Feed Intelligence
The core product value of ShareChat revolves around its algorithmically generated content feeds. Our Feed Intelligence team is in charge of ensuring all feeds in the ShareChat app
remain highly engaging for our users at all times, optimising multiple objectives of relevance, freshness, diversity and so on. The team is working to find answers to a number of
interesting research questions. Examples include: How do we adapt the mix of content in feeds to optimize for long term user engagement? How to effectively explore users’ preferences over a long tail of content genres where their tastes are highly dynamic?

Content Intelligence
Our Content Intelligence team is focused on developing models that can accurately make sense of posts so that they can be served to a relevant audience. We are investigating
different approaches to create unified multimodal representations for a post that capture visual (from images or video), audio and text data from the post. Such a representation for a
post should precisely predict how our users interpret the post and what they feel about it.
Camera Intelligence
Our Camera Intelligence team builds unique capabilities in the ShareChat camera to help
our users create engaging, original content on our platform. They focus on efficient
implementations of capabilities in Computer Vision (e.g., semantic segmentation, super
resolution) and Speech Processing so that they can run on mid to low end smartphones. Our
mission is to enable every creator, across the long tail of content genres, to unleash the
superpowers of AI and be able to create professional grade content.
Designation : Architect
Function : AI
Reporting to : Director – AI
Location : Bay Area, California.

What you'll do:
 Participate in software and machine learning model development processes within the team
 Design, build and maintain software for serving recommendations of content to users of our platforms
 Participate in cross functional efforts in analyzing and identifying key areas of improvement in the ranking and recommendation systems
 Anlayze, test and build Machine learning models for recommendations improving key business metrics
 Acquire and disseminate knowledge of best practices in iterative software development
 Mentor and guide junior engineers and help them ramp up on infrastructure.
 Analyze results of machine learning experiments and adjust parameters to improve performance.
 Evaluate and contribute to build or buy decisions for major infrastructure pieces.
 Build and fine tune parameters for core infrastructure pieces that we choose to build in-house
What we look for: 
 Strong CS fundamentals with a track record of writing production-quality code in a high level programming language (e.g. Python, Go, Java)
 Experience using cloud-based open source tools in Linux/Unix environments (AWS is a plus)

 Experience architecting, building, launching, and maintaining high-impact technical systems (entire software development lifecycle)
 Experience in the design of high throughput, low latency large-scale distributed systems
 Bachelor’s degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or other related field or related experience.
 Experience with data retrieval (connecting to web APIs) or AI/ML is a plus