UX Designer-2

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | Design | Full-time | Partially remote


ShareChat/Moj are one of India’s favourite social media platforms. Made to be enjoyed locally, we work towards creating an interactive & entertaining social media experience for all our users. Home to more than a million user communities, our foundations are deeply rooted in diversity & local entertainment. We aim to exemplify every cultural heritage of our user base through a well-thought strategy of user behaviour, understanding and empathy. 


UX Designer will be instrumental in charting the course of our product development. We are looking for someone who can work towards creating an optimum interaction between our users and products, and who can independently manage a design process ranging from brainstorming, research, prototyping, testing and measurement. The role entails working closely with various cross-functional stakeholders like product & engineering through the entire end-to-end journey of a user’s interaction with the product, ensuring the end product is usable & accessible by all. 


This is a full-time role that can be held from our Bangalore office, or remotely.


Roles & Responsibilities


  • Effectively understand, execute & refine design requirements, developing layouts & templates for UI.
  • Exhibit mindfulness about various design systems and continuously produce high-quality designs.
  • Create storyboards effectively conceptualizing designs meticulously conveying project plans to stakeholders & team members.
  • Continuously stay updated on industry trends and utilize them to create the best design elements that can enhance UX experiences.
  • Proactively create feedback loops & ensure effective implementation of designs as planned.
  • Help team members in understanding complex design mandates & guide them towards timely delivery.
  • Execute designs that effectively meet both business and user goals.
  • Analyze customer data regularly to enrich user experience.


Projects You Will Work On


  • Create efficient information architecture which helps users discover new content and features with ease and build memorability for different use cases.
  • Create user delights for our Chatroom through virtual gifting that is both cultural & aspirational.
  • Create & improve our Creation Tools to continuously improve the content creation experience for users.




  • Minimum 2 years of relevant working experience in creating and implementing UX design.
  • Effectively work in collaborative environments to create high performing interfaces.
  • Ability to effortlessly multi-task & deliver several high impact projects.
  • Proficient in various visual design and prototyping software.
  • Ability to effectively solve problems & seek user data wherever necessary.
  • Excellent written & interpersonal skills.


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About Us

Ankush, Farid & Bhanu founded Mohalla Tech in October 2015 with a vision of building an inclusive community that encourages & empowers each individual to share their unique journey and valuable experiences with confidence. Today we are India’s leading social media platform with over 180 million active daily users & over 32 million user community. We function every day with a strong value system. We believe in complete ownership of problem-solving while committing to speed and integrity in everything we do. We place the utmost importance on user empathy & strive to work towards creating a world-class experience for them every day.